The Advantages of Organization

Organization saves a lot of time. If you know where something is instead of having to look for it, that look for it time could be spent on anything extra in your life that you haven't been able to get to lately.

Organizing your life can save a lot of money. There is nothing more frustrating than to buy something that you already have. You could have spent that money toward maybe a night out or a special item that you have been wanting.

Organization helps you to be able to think more clearly about other things in life. Or gives you more time to blog :)

Organization saves you extra work. I have been laughed at for labeling my kitchen cupboards. The labels show where plates, bowls, cups, pot & pans, etc. go in my cupboard. That means that if someone is cooking in my kitchen (kids and their friends maybe), they have to put their stuff away when they are done and clean up. The excuse of "I don't know where is goes" no longer works. You can sit in your chair and watch things reappear in the cupboards that they pulled out.

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