What phase of life are you in?

Over the years, I've developed a philosophy about the decades that you live. I have only gone up to age 50. You may have something to add to this if you are beyond the age of 50.

Many times people voice regrets of past mistakes. This is just what I think. If things didn't go according to the blueprint that you had in mind for your life, is it possible that you experienced a phase of your life and learned something far more valuable than your blueprint could have provided.
  • Ages 0-10: Your parents can do no wrong. You love them. All that you are is what you have learned from them.
  • Ages 11-20: You go through a process of questioning everything that your parents have taught you. You begin to see their flaws. It is a time of sifting, disappointment, testing, self-doubt and self-reliance, etc.
  • Ages 21-30: You finally have a chance to try out some of the things you've always wanted to do without asking someone else's permission. You are free to be you.
  • Ages 31-40: You may spend this time trying to fix some of the things that you did during your younger years due to the decisions that you made in your teens and twenties.
  • Ages 41-50: You try to be more careful about your decisions. You spend time looking at what your parents taught you from a perspective of the hands-on experiences that you have had before this age. Somehow parents and people older than you look a little wiser or you can see why they may have done certain things. Harsh criticism becomes tolerance.
  • Ages 50-up: You are like a child who can walk without falling. You find that you can not only walk but that you can also dance. Life becomes fun. You don't take yourself so seriously and you are more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. You think about an action in your life before you do it.

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