Humor - Unlucky at Pot Lucks or JUST ASK JACK!

Life should never be boring. We should always be thinking of new ways to do things.

For a period of about 20 years we attended a church that liked to have pot lucks. This church was one of those churches where the women liked to show off their cooking skills. Now I don't know who ever came up with the term "pot luck." I am sure that they never met me, because most of my pots weren't quite so lucky. This is one of those instances of not being in the right place at the right time.

After many times of spending hours per week trying to find the right recipe and then preparing it for a pot luck, my hopes were only dashed to bring the whole dish home at the end of the event. No one would touch it. Week after week I had the same results no matter what recipe I tried.

I finally came up with a PLAN that seemed fool-proof. I decided to bake a cake and then frost it. The cake turned out just fine but when I went to frost the cake, I decided to try a new color listed on the side of the food coloring package. I really should have had the Internet back then just to see what that color looked like. I picked FUCHSIA. I had no idea what FUCHSIA looked like but it sounded exotic to me. I didn't have any extra ingredients to make more frosting. After seeing what FUCHSIA looked like, I decided that I would fix the color. I began to mix color after color into the frosting. Somehow I ended up with a dark FROG GREEN. I think I helped everyone stay on a diet for that particular "POT LUCK."

At last I hit a winning combination. Throw the recipes away. Get the fanciest bowl in the kitchen that will travel well with a lid. Then, go down the street to the local grocery store. I went to a grocery store named "Farmer Jack." Next, look around corners and aisles. If you don't see anyone there shopping from your church, RUN to the deli section and buy something basic like potato salad. When you get home, pour the potato salad into the fancy bowl and then top with some paprika.

Everyone tried my potato salad at the next pot luck and loved it. They were asking me for the recipe. My reply was, "Just ask Jack!" You should have seen the scandalous looks on those church ladies faces. My husband's name is not Jack, so I'm sure their imaginations ran wild. Well at least one problem was solved. It was the first time I came home with an empty bowl.

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