Humor at Work

I worked as a secretary for a major American automobile company in one of the engineering offices. Our office handled problems on the car manufacturing line. Each day my printer would spit out problems related to the various cars that were assigned to our office staff. Day in and day out the engineers would solve the problems and I would type the solutions into the computer and close the jobs out as "problem solved."

During this time I was driving a car that I had purchased prior to this job. It was a car model from another major American automobile company.

One morning on my way to work as I was sitting in the middle of a traffic jam, a loud buzzer started buzzing in my car and I couldn't figure out why. It buzzed until I arrived at work and shut the car off. When I started my car up that evening to go home, the buzz came back with a vengeance. It buzzed and buzzed and buzzed, all throughout the week, traffic jam after traffic jam. I finally broke down and asked one of the engineers in the office if they would PLEASE take my car out for a drive and tell me where the buzzing was coming from. One by one the engineers examined my car. The last engineer in our office to look at my car banged on the dashboard. It didn't stop the horrible buzzing but it did put a large crack in my dashboard. That car deserved to get smacked. By this time I was so irritated that I could have pushed the car over a ledge.

No one in the office could figure it out. WHAT COULD THAT BUZZING BE. On my way back home that evening from the office I began to fidget with my seat belt and decided to wrap it around my frazzled body. Back in the 70’s it was optional to wear a seat belt. It involved adjusting the tension on both belts and then hooking up the lap belt with the shoulder belt. I finally hooked the seat belt into the buckle. The buzzing stopped just like that. I had driven the car for a couple of years without using the seatbelt. The car had never buzzed. Now all of a sudden seatbelt buzzer had decided to buzz and warn me that my seatbelt was unfastened. You should have seen the looks on the engineers’ faces when I told them the source of the strange buzzing.

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