Square Dancing and Its Benefits

Square dancing has many benefits, some are listed below.

1. Square dancing is a great thing to do on a date or family activity. My parents met at a square dance. Family weddings and celebrations always included rounds of "dos-ado" and "promenade."
2. Most dance styles are good for exercise. Because of the speed and time spent on the dance floor, square dancing is definitely a simple aerobic workout.
3. I cannot think of a more wholesome way to dance. Square dancing does not involve erotic movements. Courtesy and manners are definitely a part of the dance style.
4. Many dance styles include beautiful dress. Square dance attire is no exception. Traditional outfits are conservative and cheerful. Even though the women's skirts are fluffy in appearance and may even seem dated and archaic, they still are fun to observe when partners are twirling around on the dance floor. Men dress in a conservative western style. People can also dance in their regular attire and not miss a bit of the fun.
5. Square dance clubs for any age can be found around the United States. It is not limited to the western part of the country.
6. If you struggle with the difference between left and right, this dance is good practice for that. Many of the instructions are centered around going left or right quickly.
7. Dancers must develop good listening skills to react to the calls quickly. Most of the calls are easy and once you learn the basics, this dance can include even the least experienced dancer.
8. Square dancing can be creative when stepping outside of the rules. Almost every wedding in our large family included a few rounds of it. Swing your partner round and round was interesting when my uncles entered the dance. They became more exuberant than the traditional steps called for. Suddenly I would see my aunts' feet leave the ground and they would be swinging through the air as my uncles twirled them round and round on the dance floor. Since I only had five aunts, this did become great entertainment at many family gatherings.
In summary square dancing is for almost any age. It is great exercise, wholesome, festive, and easy to learn.

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