Bible Study: Isaiah 43:2

Can a single verse set you on a different course, allow you to look at life through different eyes, make you boldly go where you have never gone before. That is the affect that Isaiah 43:2 had on my life. It came at me from an angle that surprised me and at first I did not know how to react to it

Things had gone very wrong during my last pregnancy. I developed gestational diabetes around the six month mark and six weeks later I was on my back in the hospital with the baby in the breach position and possibly sitting on its umbilical cord. I was so large that the medical machinery could not determine how large the baby was. The tests did show that our baby's lungs were not completely developed. The doctors advised us that the longer the baby had to develop within the womb the better the chance he had for survival after birth. Many prayers were sent up during this time. So much was running through my mind. Then that fateful evening came when the baby's heart tones began to diminish and I could hear the nurses arguing with the doctors that they could not turn off the monitor for liability reasons. The doctors knew our little boy was dying and unless a miracle occurred, our precious little baby boy would probably be gone by the next morning.

The miracle that I prayed for did not happen. Within three days I was delivering a still-born baby boy. Shortly after the delivery there was a funeral, graveside service, and many cards, letters, and condolences. People came from our church and helped in any way they could.

One day I was opening the mail. Someone had sent us a sympathy card. I opened the envelope and then opened the card. It had a kind verse to express condolences and wish us well. Near the end of the card a bold statement caught my eye. It started out with: "The Lord says to you!" After that the the well-wisher wrote the words from Isaiah 43:2.

I wondered about the boldness of the sender. I was drawn to the verse. It became very personal to me. I began to carry the verse around and read it several times a day. This was really the first time that a bible passage became my constant companion. It was with me through all the stages of grieving. It was with me when I questioned God. It was there when I felt guilty, lonely, sad, angry, confused, hurt, abandoned, etc. It said that God would be with me as I passed through the waters and rivers and they would not overwhelm me. It did not say "if" but "when" I walked through the fire, I would not be burned or scorched, nor would the flame kindle upon me. (based on Amplified Version of the Bible)

Over a period of time I read the verses around this verse. I began to realize that much of what I learned about God being cruel and unfair just was not true. The verses around the Isaiah 43:2 gave an in-depth explanation of what God's motives are toward me and mankind. He truly is a God of deep love and caring.
Over the years I have learned that this verse is more true than anything I could have imagined. The words have truly brought me through the raging waters and the burning fire to be held in God's arms. Now I find that speaking God's Word over my life is powerful, life-changing, and more important than I would have ever imagined. This was the beginning for me of a whole different approach to the Bible and knowing that the words written therein "are spirit and they are life."


  1. My only change to your article How Green Is My Pasture" would be the beginning of the third paragraph, "One day I was opening the mail" to a specific period of time something like "A week or a certain number of days after you came home and began your grieving there was one sympathy card that stood out more than any of the others that we so generously received in the mail during the time (weeks, days, months)etc. You are truly a gifted writer and one cool sister. Thanks for sharing your stories. I feel like I'm getting to know a side of a sister that I wouldn't know otherwise if that makes any sense??
    Love Always
    Sherry :D

  2. Sherry, the name of the article is "Bible Study: Isaiah:43:2." The Title "How Green Are My Pastures" is the title of the overall blog site. Do you think I need to make the articles look a little different or something to set them apart. Your sis-Laurie

  3. so sorry for your loss, the right words at the right time do wonders!