Natural and Herbal Remedies: Pets with Ear Mites

Our cat had ear mites when we adopted him from the animal shelter. I did not notice it when we adopted him because he is all black and the ear mites are also black. The cat's paperwork revealed that he was diagnosed with ear mites when he entered the shelter and was treated for them. Upon closer examination I could see the little black dots and the places where he had been scratching the ear mites. The treatment did not work that he was given in the shelter. He was treated when he first arrived and we did not adopt him until he had been there three months.
WARNING: It is best to make sure you get a diagnosis from a vet first before setting about using a home remedy. Ask the vet if there is any injury to the ear or the ear drum. If the ear and ear drum are in good shape, then it is time to consider a home remedy. Be sure to check with your vet to see if they approve of what I describe in the next paragraphs, before doing what I did to get rid of your cat's ear mites.
SUPPLIES NEEDED: 1 Bottle of Garlic Oil soft gel capsules with maximum strength of 500 mg garlic equivalent (bulb) per soft gel capsule, paper towels, and an extra person to hold the cat.
NOTE: I keep garlic oil capsules in our home that I purchase from the health food store. Each soft-gel capsule contains 500 mg of garlic equivalent (bulb) along with soybean oil. I really watch the potency because you do not want to go any stronger than 500 mg. I usually have a few paper towels on hand and one of the family members holds the cat.
STEP ONE: I poke a hole in the garlic oil soft gel capsule.
STEP TWO: Without touching the inside of the ear, I carefully squirt the oil of ONLY ONE garlic oil soft gel capsule into one of the cat's ears. Throw the outer shell of the capsule that is left into the garbage.
STEP THREE: I then massage the ear from the outside to get the oil spread around the inside of the ear. Remember to be careful not to touch the inside of the cat's ears. I try to wipe off any excess oil. After the oil is massaged well into the ear, I repeat the same thing for the cat's other ear.
The cat will usually shake his head vigorously when you let them go. It is not usually too bad. The mites can not stand the garlic and the oil drowns them. It takes about a week to see improvement. I did this everyday until the ears were totally cleaned up. After a few days you may have to gently wipe around the outside of the ears with a paper towel to remove dead matter. Make sure to throw away capsule shells and paper towels and to clean the area where you did the treatment.
This method seemed to work well for our cat. He has lived with us three years and has been mite free since the treatment. The other two cats have never gotten ear mites at all. They are all indoor cats.

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