Farm Life: The World's Biggest Sand Castle

When I was three, four, and five years old, I loved the Spring of the year. This was the time that daddy plowed the fields and got ready to plant crops. The ground that was in the field behind our house had the most beautiful sand. It was like having the world's biggest sand box. Daddy would assign us a place on the high hill to play in this sand after he had plowed all the weeds under. He would watch us playing on the hill while he continued to till the rest of the fields that surrounded the hill.

We would play on that sand hill all morning only to be interrupted by our lunch and then beg to go back out in the afternoon. We looked so forward to that time. One day while planning what we would do in this lovely sand, my sisters and I decided that we needed to build the world's biggest sand castle.

We made a large circle by shuffling our feet in the sand that covered the whole top of the hill. We then went about building the first level of our sand castle. We worked all day on our sand castle. Disappointment came as we built the second level of our sand castle. That was when daddy scooped us up on the tractor and went over our sand castle with his disc. We were heartbroken. Our beautiful castle was broken.

We soon forgot the disappointment, though, because it was always fun to ride the tractor with daddy and have the Spring breeze hit our faces and brush through our hair. I still think about the excitement of that day and the anticipation of what that sand castle would have been like when finished. I believe this was a day that showed me how to dream of wonderful things that we could do. I can still picture in my mind how great that sand castle would have been and it feels as if it was completed even though we were interrupted.

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