Women in the Kitchen

Today we girls got together and talked about why it is that a man living alone feels no compulsion to fix broken things around the house or to hang pictures, etc. We concluded that these things are not usually important to men. Men are minimalists. They like things straight forward and simple. Why complicate a home, wardrobe, or anything else in their life by fancying them up. Of course, this does not mean that it applies to cars, boats, etc. The big boy toys!

Now for the flip side. Some of the young men that I know are at the age where they are either out of college and in the working world or will be there very quickly. One of the young men related this story to me.

One of the boys has just purchased a home and enjoys having friends over. He did some painting and fixing up of his new home and was wondering about how to stock his kitchen with plates and cooking items. He was wondering what type of plates, etc. His friend took him out to his kitchen and stood at the entrance of the kitchen. He asked his friend if he remembered the foul line that is drawn across a bowling lane when you go bowling. He asked his friend if he remembers what happens if you step over that foul line. His friend remembered that an alarm goes off. He then explained to his friend that that is the way he should look at his kitchen. He should always know that when he marries and brings his new wife home that there is an invisible foul line at the entrance of the kitchen. His wife will want to make that room the room that she is comfortable in because her kitchen and really her whole house will reflect her as a woman.

This young man's advice is priceless. I think he has been listening to his mother and observing many things that are good as he has been growing up. What do you think?

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