Griffin Came Home

I am learning about a whole new world. I am learning about the community of dog walkers. People who walk their dogs. I find it interesting that everyone identifies themselves by their dog's names. I have not learned most of the dog owner's names. We call them things like "Fido's mom or dad." It's a bit weird at first but all of a sudden people are talking through their dogs and we have had a lot of nice conversations because of this.

Today Griffin's mom could not find him. She thought she hooked him up tight to his outside chain and when she came out to check on him, he was gone. The whole neighborhood went looking for him. We looked in the woods and on the roads and around the houses. We called for him, but he is old and can not hear very well. My neighbor that I walk with and I asked God to please bring Griffin home quickly and safely. We found out later that right after we walked away from that prayer that Griffin came home. He had burrs all over and he ran into the house and barfed on his owner's bed. It wasn't the greatest home coming but we are all glad that he is home and he is safe. It was so nice that his owner could rejoice in his return and that he was not out after dark with all the coyotes around here.

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