Proverb of the Day - Stupidity and Relationships

Today is Friday, April 30, 2010, and I am in Proverbs chapter 30, New King James Version. Today I have picked verse 2. This verse actually goes with the next verse (verse 3). This verse talks about a man who says he surely is more stupid than any other man with no understanding. In verse three he tells the reader why? Stay tuned to when I cover verse three, maybe next month - maybe later.

For today, I also am including a verse from Proverbs 31 (my favorite chapter even though I am a woman, and no I'm not one of those religious women who believe in being under my husband's thumb). I have included this chapter of Proverbs on the 30th of April because there is no 31st day in April and I need to cover all the chapters for the month. Wow, what a long explanation to just add another proverb. I will get on with it and stop babbling!

Today, I chose Proverbs 31:3, New King James Version. This proverb is a mother advising his son to not be messing around with a lot of women, she advises her son that this destroys kings. I was thinking about this principle this week and wondered if people who are young realize how what they do affects not only their future, but their marriage, and eventually their children. It digs deep hurts into future relationships when wisdom does not rule over animal instinct. There has been a tradition in our family for several generations to pray and ask God to give each person their mate. In the meantime, it is important to be friends (not lovers) with a lot of people.

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