Rosh Hashana 2010

I am soooooo excited. In just a few short weeks the fall High Holy Days begin.

I believe that the first fall High Holy Day (Rosh Hashana or Feast of Trumpets) is the anniversary of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is my thought based on the fact that Jesus was born in the fall and this feast day pictures Christ's coming.

Remember the Holy Spirit came right on Pentecost when it was fully come. Our Savior went to the cross when the Lamb was slain and the angel passed over. By the time the Israelites had painted their doorposts with the "blood of the lamb" and they were eating that roasted lamb, the death angel was passing over on the Passover evening. Later our Savior was laid in the grave on that anniversary evening as our Passover Lamb and the curse of eternal death was taken away FOREVER. These days occur in the Spring. Christianity observes them but they have lost a lot of the connection.

Fall on your knees as this first fall High Holy Day (Rosh Hashana) comes this September and worship our Lord in the manger and in His risen state. Remember that he comes twice (once as a baby in the manger and again in the future as a risen King of Kings). God's High Holy Days are not just for the Jews anymore, but they are for all of us. Let us all come together and worship our soon coming King of Kings, the little child born of Jewish parents and the risen Savior born of Almighty God. How beautiful HE IS!

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