Cleaning A Blocked Drain Naturally

When we moved into our home ten years ago, it seemed as if every drain was a challenge. The bathtub drain in the bathroom on the main floor was really a challenge. The prior owners owned dogs and we surmised that they must have washed their dogs in that bathtub. It didn't seem like the water was draining at all when we first used the bathtub.

Our first step to take care of the problem was to start using all of the different choices from the local store. 

Over a period of time, nothing seemed to do the job and even though the drain seemed to partially work, the water was still not emptying quickly. Finally I found something that worked like a charm. It cost very little and is more environmentally friendly than the chemical cleaners offered in the stores.

While paging through a book on baking soda uses I found a recommendation for using baking soda to clean drains. I was skeptical but intrigued. I usually keep a bag of bicarbonate of soda in our basement. I use it for softening wash water when doing laundry. A little helps to keep your clothes colorfast and fresh.

This is such a fun way to open a clogged drain because it is nontoxic and I'm amazed at how well it works every time I try it. I used one part bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and one part white vinegar. The clog was so bad in the bathtub that I used approximately four cups of bicarbonate of soda with four cups of white vinegar.

The recipe and directions for drain cleaning is as follows:

STEP ONE: Measure from one cup to four cups of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Pour your measured amount over the drain hole.

STEP TWO: Measure the same amount of white vinegar as you did bicarbonate of soda and pour that over the bicarbonate of soda that is sitting over the drain opening. Now you probably have bubbles everywhere. It's foamy and fun. I let that mixture sit for anywhere from ten minutes to one hour without disturbing the mixture.

STEP THREE: Boil a couple of gallons of water on the stove. Carefully carry the hot boiling water to the drain you are cleaning. Make sure that you do not have children or pets too close. You don't want to spill the hot water on you or your loved ones. Now pour the boiling water slowly over the mixture that has been foaming in the drain. Usually the drain runs free after this. If the clog is a little more stubborn, repeat the process a couple more time.

A friend of mine owns an older motel and has had problems keeping the drains working well. She used the above suggestion and all of her drains are now free of clogs and she was amazed at how economical this formula is.

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