Natural and Herbal Remedies: Vinegar

Did you know that there is a difference in vinegars and what they should be used for? You need to know that the majority of vinegar is not good. It is the over-processed vinegars, the distilled vinegars, the white vinegars that are not so healthy. They can be used for cleaning, etc.

Here is information on vinegar that is good for food. If you are using a vinegar that contains a 'mother' (looks like soot or web in the bottle) you have healthy vinegar. That soot holds a lot of nutrients. I use "Bragg" organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the 'mother.'

Go to this web page to read about the benefits of this kind of vinegar and what the difference is. Want to have great looking skin, etc., check it out:

Knowing the difference between vinegars is important to your health and also helpful in cleaning, etc. When you know the difference, your life becomes healthier and cleaner!

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