Reading - My Top Ten Motivational Books

Question: What are your favorite top ten motivational books other than the Bible?

Answer: I have many more than ten. I picked these because of how they have changed my life.

1. "BattleField of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer
2. "Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyer
3. "The Confident Woman, Knowing Who You Are In Christ" by Annabel Gilham
4. "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived" by Steven K. Scott
5. "Mentored by a Millionaire" by Steven K. Scott
6. "Thou Shall Prosper" by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
7. "Prayers That Avail Much" by Germaine Copeland
8. "Blessed Beyond Measure" by Gloria Copeland
9. "God's Master Plan" by Gloria Copeland

10. Just for Fun:
"The Mark of the Lion Series" (3 books) by Francine Rivers - warning: I could not put these books down. I lent them to someone and they liked them so much they sent me the money for them and kept the books.

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  1. There are another two classics: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles
    Thanks for sharing the link to view "the secret"