Prayer - Finding Christian Friends

Question: How do you find Christian friends?

Answer: The Bible says in order to have friends, you must show yourself friendly. I have had some pretty neat friends in my life. Some of the most interesting are the ones that came into my life when I asked God to send me friends. I thought my prayers would be answered by someone from my church moving into our small little town. NOT! I ended up with a friend who raised goats and was an agnostic. I think she has been one of the best friends I ever had. The other friend God sent me was a Christian Master Herbalist. I knew nothing about herbs or natural health at that time and her religious beliefs were really different than mine. I learned so much from her and now realize that God put her in my path the stretch me and get me ready for a different point of view.

You may want to look around for a local church that you could attend also. I would highly suggest that your choice of church would be done with diligence in that you check out the organization very thoroughly. Also, before anything ask God to set you in the place that He wants you to be in. Be open to the answers that God will give you and ask God to make it clear to you if you are in doubt. God bless you on a wonderful journey to new friendships.

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