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In a world that constantly tells us what we cannot do, what do you believe you can or cannot do? This article is written to show how to be positive in a negative world. I live in a state (Michigan) that right now has a lot of bad news about jobs, the economy, etc. I have been looking at the limits in my life lately. Last week broke out into the unlimited possibilities all around me. Today as I write this, things that had limited me for four or five years have been resolved. I now realize that it was my thoughts that turned into inaction that limited me. So, here is a list of things that have not limited me over the years.

1. In spite of a learning disability (dyslexia), I have not only now gone through "vision therapy" (at 50 years old) and the dyslexia is gone but the problem was overcome before it was ever physically corrected. I became an Executive Secretary, highest achieving Medical Transcriptionist in my class (ever), and now am working on a writing career.

2. In spite of not knowing how to renovate our home, I have the most beautiful house in our complex now that functions well. By asking God to help me, He directed me even to the right paint colors.

3. In spite of inheriting a farm that bordered on a toxic dump, I have inherited not just the money (from the sale) but a beautiful harmony with the rest of the family that was broken for many years. God worked behind the scenes and changed each of us individually so that we could come together in harmony.

4. In spite of struggling with health (lost a baby 15 years ago) for many years, I am in the best health in many years. Should it be any other way as Jesus lives in me and His blood flows through my veins.

5. In spite of having my heart broken many times, I am blessed to be with my husband for now well over thirty years. This took a lot of trust and faith to ask God for my mate, work hard at being a good friend, and letting God not only give me the man that fit my life but trust in God through the whole process of becoming one through all these years. This is a daily work that continues to grow.

6. In spite of financial difficulties, I am provided for. God has shown me that it's not the economy, it is how I walk with Him. God was there when we could not pay our rent for six months, when we did not have a home to go to, when all the jobs seemed to dry up. These things were very frightening but I now can look back and see that I have always been more than provided for financially.

7. As I look back on my trust in God as I walk each day and many times doubted what God could or would do, I now see that He has done it all. Even in a hospital when the baby I carried passed away inside of me, God was there with so much love that I cannot even describe it. He came along side of me and gave me words to comfort the hospital people who cared for me. That is the night that I learned that God is love and anything we ask of God is sifted through His love. He always hears and gives the best answer. Out of this I proclaimed from that hospital bed that God heard my prayers to save my son and someday I will praise God for the answer He gave me that night. At the present my heart was so broken, but someday I will know all that God considered before He answered my prayer. He always give us His best but we need to ask God to help us to see that.

Ask yourself what thoughts you have that are limiting your progress, the progress to go forward to love and bless others. The progress that sets you free. I draw your attention to the scripture that heads this blog. If you can't do these things, be encouraged, neither can I, but I love to confess these words over my life (put my name in the passage and speak it out loud in my private time) and watch God change my life where I cannot. Put good words in your mouth. Put good thoughts into your heart. Let God lift you up in every area and go out and bless someone today!

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