Reading - Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author

Here is some information that if you are patient enough to listen to, will give you a whole different outlook on science concerning the human mind and body. The ramifications of this lecture will have you asking a lot of questions about your health care when you get to the end of it. It is science at it's best and will really affect how you look at your health.

Dr. Bruce Lipton lecture on: "The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet" part 1 of 2:
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Dr. Bruce Lipton lecture on: "The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet" part 2 of 2:
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Once you have watched these presentations on line, you may want to run to your local bookstore or the library and read Dr. Lipton's book. I have not read it yet, I am still trying to absorb the above material.

Also, Dr. Lipton's information is used in Dr. Wayne Dyer's new book "Excuses Begone." You will find this information better than fiction. The best price package I have found so far is on where you can buy the book, CDs, and DVD (The Shift) for one price that is just over the price of the book. Dr. Dyer's book includes teachings from many resources. I have read some of his sources over the years and found them to be well worth the time.

I challenge you to step outside of the box you have always lived in. I personally lean to the Christian side of this subject and would encourage the reader to also look at that point of view for a real treat in expanding your thinking in this area. You can click on my link to Kenneth Copeland and listen to many many teachings related to this subject for free on his website. Don't forget to also check out the people who Kenneth Copeland refers to and studying their work. It will lead you to an understanding that leaves religion and religious beliefs behind and helps you to jump into the Maker's lap, our Heavenly Father. God Bless your learning.

Have a good day.


  1. Hi Laurie, I wonder if you read those free e-books from Project Gutenberg?
    Those are books with copyright expired, and become public domain.
    I enjoy those classics very much. Beside Heidi, I come across a few other books from Johanna Spyri.

  2. I love to read, but have not heard of these. I will definitely look for them. It is fun to exchange so many good ideas.