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I like this CD so much. The words, music, and singing all came from the heart of this very special young lady, my daughter. You can listen to samples for free on

While we do not agree on all the work that she has created we do agree on this album. I absolutely love "Memorial" it was written prior to Sept. 11, 2001 and this song really helped me heal from this terrible event. "Independence" is a wonderful arrangement. If you listen to the words, you may wonder why the chorus says "the clock is moving backward to independence." This line is a way of expressing that our present world will soon be renewed to where it first started in the Garden of Eden. A favorite of many of the kids in school when this was first recorded was "Restaurant of Despair." It asks if you really want to eat of all of the junk that is wrong in this world.

Every song on this CD is a different style. Memorial is a beautiful Ballad. Independence is Rock. Silver Shining is Pop. Restaurant of Despair is a combo of Rock/Jazz.

Here is the link to her work:

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