Natural Health / Medical Websites

Take a look at the web site links listed in the left column of this blog. If you are interested in herbal information from herbal courses to where to purchase some of the formulas by Dr. John R. Christopher, there are links in this section. The Vitamin D information came from a report done on the 700 club a while back and these links are the background information that the 700 club used to do their report. Mt. Capra is the site for the best goat whey around. Dr. Bernard Jensen's site is run by his daughter and this website has a lot of helpful information about nutrition, etc. Dr. Wycoff link is a link for a wellness center run by a medical doctor who is also incorporating natural approaches to his practice. There is much information on this link area and if there are any questions, I will be happy to respond as best as I can to comments. So, click away and enjoy!


  1. I trust herbal remedy more than those pills from hospital. I usually seek treatment from those practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I like the holistic concept.

  2. Good Morning Scheng - I so much agree with you. In the United States we have lost much of what our forefathers knew before they came to this country and trusting only in medical doctors. I would like to see us move together in this and become re-educated in our past. I have been studying herbs for over 25 years and hope to someday have formal education in it.