Saving Money - Stretching the Food Budget - THE BASICS

While working as a grocery store cashier, I began to realize that some people checking out their groceries were getting much more in their cart than others. While using coupons and hitting sales is a great way to save money, there is a little known secret to stretching the food dollar.

I found that people who bought the basics like fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat had much more in their carts for much less than those who bought prepackaged items, sweets, pops, etc. Another thing that was evident is how healthy looking the people were that skipped these items filled with additives, colorings, preservatives, on and on.

In the summer, fruits and vegetables can be bought at the local store, farm market, or grown in your back yard. Preserving these items when they are at low price and putting them in the freezer, dehydrating, or canning is another way to save money.

If you have a local food coop or health food store, items like grains, nuts, trail mixes, flours, spices, etc. can be bought in bulk and put in containers when you get home. Meats can be bought in bulk at warehouse stores like Sam's Club or Cosco. You may even be able to contact a farm in your area where they will also supply meat in bulk. Adding some vegetarian meals can also make the food budget stretch. Don't panic! I'm only saying you can stretch your meals, I'm not saying you must become a vegetarian.

As you read this article, you may be saying: "How in the world do I add fruits and vegetables to my diet and make it enjoyable?"See the next article in this series:


  1. Hi Laura, agree completely with what you say. Sometimes I am very surprised to see that the cost of all the fruits and vegetables are so much lesser than a bottle of shower foam

  2. Hi scheng, you are so right. I have been using the extra virgin coconut oil for my face moisturizer and that saves money also. I have no idea what could be done to get a good quality shower foam at a good price. Maybe there is a recipe somewhere in cyberspace.