Condo + What is Considered Emergency Maintenance?

Just a post to talk to myself. The main spring on our garage door let loose on Friday, after our maintenance company closed for the weekend. I called the answering service that handles after-hour emergencies and was told that a broken garage door is not considered an emergency. The garage spring blew off the wall of the garage and is now hanging down to where two of us could not get the door up with the spring in the way. I am glad that I did not have to be anywhere this weekend since I can't get the car out of the garage. Grrrrr! I do hope this can be resolved when the complex management company comes back to work on Monday morning.

MONDAY MORNING: Okay, so I composed myself. At first I could not get in touch with the person who usually takes work orders, then the next person in line was not even in. Finally, I asked to talk to the owner of the management company. I sure hated to bother him. It did turn out to be the best choice after all.

I told him what happened on Friday evening and told him that I still could not get my car out of the garage. I told him what the answering service told me on two occasions about how it was not on the emergency list. He promptly told me that he would take care of it. I think that this thing was poking at me to get me to lose my temper. I sure am glad I did not. Tomorrow we will get our garage door fixed and I will be back to normal for getting in and out of the house. Hoooooray!

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