Computers: Why My Computer is Amazing

I love my computer. It is completely amazing. I was able to download the instructions for it a couple of months ago and now I know how to use the keys on it. It is over ten years old. The hinge on the screen is broken but I figured out how to fix it for less than five dollars. The battery gives me just enough power to unplug it in one room and run to the next plug without having to shut it down. It is really good for sprinting exercise.

My computer came out before anyone was using wireless, so I have a card that I stick into it. At first I could not get a signal and then I had to reload the driver to the wireless card because the driver that it came with would not work on such an old computer.

At one point the fan stopped and I learned that I could still find a brand new part and I also found someone who knew how to change it. This happened after many computer shops would not do it because they said it was impossible.

My computer is old, it can not run up-to-date software, or run very fast. Even with all of this, it is well worth keeping because my hands have worn a spot into the keyboard and it fits me perfectly. Thank you for a fun post!

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