Kenneth Copeland

Recently I noticed that someone was wondering if Kenneth Copeland was married to Germaine Copeland. The answer is absolutely not. Kenneth Copeland is married to his wife, Gloria Copeland, and has been for many years.

Germaine Copeland is a completely separate person who has a completely separate ministry of prayer. The only thing she has in common with Kenneth Copeland is the same last name.

All of this being said, here is what each one brings to us about God.

Kenneth Copeland brings us a deeper meaning of walking with God by speaking God's Word over our life and shows us Jesus is Lord over our lives and all that we do. Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Copeland's wife, preaches mostly on healing but her two most recent books that she has written are invaluable for understanding more about God that most churches do not teach. I love "Blessed Beyond Measure" and "God's Master Plan for Your Life."

If you have never listened to or read anything that Kenneth Copeland puts out, let me suggest that you start with the daily program where he and others involved in his ministry sit at a table and discuss God. I love these morning discussions on TV (sometimes afternoon or evening, depending on when you receive his program) that Kenneth Copeland's ministry gives to me. Sometimes on the weekends, you will see Kenneth or Gloria Copeland preaching at one of their conferences or church services. If you have a hard time understanding these programs, just go back to watching the round table discussions aired during the week on TV until you can understand it in a more relaxed forum. It won't be long before you are really enjoying everything that they speak about. You can also go back and listen to their archived programs for free at This site is wonderful because there are years of archived material that you can download for free.

Germaine Copeland writes books on praying God's Word over every area of your life. If you are stumped with what to pray, her books are a great place to start. Before you know it, you will have many ideas on how to pray on a subject and the time will go by so fast as you go from scripture to prayer to scripture to God and positive confession over any situation. You can sample some of her prayers by going to See my previous post on how to look up prayers on this site: Prayer - Getting Started

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