Medical Transcription: Learning Medical Terms

In a previous post, I related my decision making process for going into medical transcription. To read that post see the end of this article and click on "Medical Transcription: Getting Started."

One of the classes that I needed to take was Medical Terminology. Medical Terminology is a class which covers medical words used in the medical field. It is the beginning and basic understanding of medical terms. It does not include prescription names, basic grammar, English terms, etc.

In my particular case, I had a teacher that understood the ways that people learn. She taught us medical terms by using verbal/auditory (hearing through spoken words and music), visual (through seeing/reading), and kinesthetic (tactile or hands-on learning/tracing the words with our fingers). For more detail on these areas, you may want to read

She required the class to:
  1. Check out tapes the school provided to listen to the words and their meanings
  2. Write the medical words on the front of a 3"x5" card, then write the definition on the back
  3. Trace our fingers over the words that we had written on the cards.

When we returned to class:
  1. We were required to say the words correctly and give the meanings (very important for when you are listening to the words being spoken by a doctor)
  2. Show her the medical word cards (3"x5") we had written
  3. Write down the words she dictated with their correct meaning
I even learned to sing the words to help me put this information into my head.

I took this class during a shortened summer semester and the work load was tremendous even for a regular student but daunting for a person with dyslexia. I will be forever grateful for the extra work that this teacher put us through because it helped me to learn this essential part of medical transcription very well. I earned the highest grade possible. It was a great beginning class to launch me into the field of medical transcription.

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  2. Thank you for your kind words. If there is more detail that you would like to see on a subject, please let me know. I will try to accommodate your request.