Organizing: Mail and Papers

My papers are becoming more and more organized after over thirty years of losing them all over the house. My sister shared this one with me and it has set me free. She suggested a simple little item called a "Desktop File Sorter with A-Z Tabs." It is much easier to get at the papers when sorted into a book instead of file pockets. You don't have to go digging around each pocket to find a coupon or some other small paper. Here is the information for the A-Z version:

This idea has organized what I do not have time to file right away. Now I can find important papers with the flip of a tab. My sister has separate sorters for each kid going to school with their names on the front. She keeps them in a big drawer in the kitchen. My incoming mail sorter is positioned in front of a small shredder so that I can shred and sort mail as it comes in. I picked the place to set this up on a side counter where everyone usually drops the mail at the end of the day. No more piles of paper all over the kitchen table! I LOVE IT!!!

The version of this sorting book with the number tabs and tabs for the months of the year is great for bills that need to be paid or items that need to be done by a certain date. You file bills that are due for the present month under the numbers 1-31 and then put bills that are due other months under the corresponding month tab. When it is time for the next month, move those bills into the number section. Here is a sample of what the 1-31 tab books look like:

I'm free, free at last. No more digging for papers in pocket sorters. No more digging through piles of papers all over the house for that important car license tag or invitation. When I have time to file, the book has everything organized already. There is so much more extra time from not having to look for lost papers I need. My house is clean and I'm free to spend more time on my blog.

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