Naural and Herbal Remedies: Beautiful Skin and Hair

We went out for a nice meal for our 32nd wedding anniversary. When we told the waitress that it was our anniversary, she was so nice that she did not charge us for our dessert (cheese cake with strawberries). In the meantime, I mentioned how many years we were celebrating and she exclaimed that we sure did not look like we were old enough to be married 32 years. Aside from the fact (lol) that I was a child bride, it was a very nice compliment.

Now here is a little secret for great skin and hardly any wrinkles:
Approximately 25 years ago, I began to learn about herbs and their healing properties. At that time I was introduced to an herbal formula that actually has helped my back tremendously and healed part of my spine from an injury that occurred in my youth. It helped to take away back pain. The other thing that this formula did was give me healthy skin and helped prevent wrinkles. That was an added benefit that I had no idea I was partaking in. I had taken the mixture of cut herbs and soaked them in olive oil and applied the olive oil to my face to moisturize it when we lived in a very warm climate area. It has kept my skin in tip top shape and is far more economical than using expensive creams and lotions. So what is this great stuff?

Here is a link to it. It is called "Beauty Facial Cream Ointment."

If you want to have some of the most beautiful hair, you can try this combination of herbs in the shampoo form. The shampoo is a little costly but I just love how healthy and beautiful this shampoo makes my hair. Here is the link to the shampoo.
This site also sells a conditioner that goes with the shampoo and also a scalp massage oil.

While I could not find any warning on this, you may want to avoid using these products when pregnant or nursing. During that time, I used only plain olive oil for my skin.

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