1950's: Things in Boxes

Growing up in the 1950's was fun. Part of the fun were the boxes. It seemed that whenever we went to the grocery store, there were a lot of products that offered surprises or small gifts in the boxes of merchandise.

We had the usual fare of prizes known or unknown in the cereal boxes or the "Cracker Jacks" boxes. There were little toys in the cereal boxes that many times required an engineering degree to put the item or items together once you dug through the cereal with your dirty hands (don't tell mom)! Maybe that is why our generation was smarter???? We took very good care of those little toys until we accidentally left them out and one of us stepped on it and broke it or a vital piece fell off in the middle of playing with it.

No one worried about the pieces being too small or someone choking on a toy. I wonder many times how we all grew up in one piece. Then again, we also grew up with lead in the paint on our toys and throughout the house in the paint, etc. Maybe that is why we all rebelled in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

I remember that my mother bought "Breeze" laundry soap because there were free towels in the soap box. If I remember correctly, small boxes yielded wash cloths, medium boxes yielded hand towels, and the deluxe size box held the grand prize of a bath towel. We loved to dig through the detergent box to see what colored stripe towel we had brought home. We would look over every box in the store to see if we could figure out which stripe color we would get. It was all guess work. The towels were very thin but we were happy to always have a new addition to our towel collection.

All in all, it was like a brand new treasure hunt every time we went to the grocery store.

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