Relationships - Is This Abuse?

Several years ago our local police department put on an informational program on our local access channel. I learned a lot from that program and the information it provided. It gave me some information that I could understand about relationships.

According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women ( ) there are certain warning signs of abuse and they are in areas that most people do not even think of.
Reading this list does not mean you should immediately leave your mate or head for divorce court but if you are aware of what is not correct, you can also know what may be acceptable to tolerate in a relationship and what may not be acceptable in a relationship.

Please give very close attention to this page. There are two wheels of behavior that or not acceptable and that are acceptable. Most people think that abuse is physical. While that is true, there are abuses in the emotional area, economic area, and other areas that are just as harmful and yet are accepted if there is no knowledge about it. Do not just glance over this page, there is too much information here to miss any of it.

There are other helpful wheels for those who are dating, raising children, and almost any other kind of relationship. I have found this site very helpful:

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