Kitty Kisses

This morning as I was waking up but still dreaming. I felt the affectionate tongue of my cat brushing across my forehead. Half awake and half sleeping. A little lick on the forehead. I go to pet her and she disappears. Soon the licking is back and she slips away again. I am becoming more and more awake but still dreaming. Now she hops on my stomach and starts to purr. It is such a beautiful sound waking up to on a fall crisp day. I go to scoop her up in my arms and she scurries away. Now she is back licking my forehead. She has never been so affectionate in the three years she has been with us. Still floating in and out of sleep and awake. Do I smell like kitty food or is it her way of saying, "I love being a part of the family."

SUDDENLY there is a thought that crosses my mind! What was that I was thinking about maybe smelling like kitty food? Rats! I forgot to buy kitty food yesterday and check their bowl. Now I know why all the affection. This is the first time we have ever had an empty bowl of food for our kitties in the three years that they have been with us.

Now I'm awake and happy to find some canned cat food to tide them over. Within hours we replaced the dry food and everything was back to normal. No kitty licks. No hopping on my stomach for affection. Just happy sleeping cats in little corners of our house. Still, all in all it was a great way to start the day.

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