The Secret - Change Your Life In A Good Way

There is a video called "The Secret." It is a documentary. It is an amazing documentary of what our thoughts bring to us. How like attracts like. If you have not viewed this documentary, I will guarantee that it will change your life if you watch it and apply it.

With all the constant bad news in this world, this documentary is a welcome change and gives ways to cope with the stresses of life. It will cause you to take a look at some things in your life that you never thought affected you so deeply.

You may be very skeptical at first about the premise and what it means to each individual on this earth. That is quite okay to be skeptical but if you are brave enough to step out and apply it, even if it is only an experiment at first, I believe you will have to report some good things happening in your life from it.

There is so much good information in this documentary that I spent a good portion of the day yesterday transcribing all that is being said and getting it deeper into my mind. My next step will be to make a list of what exercises I would like to try from this and then map out a viable course to accomplish that goal. I have seen a lot of stuff related to this both in the Christian realm and in the secular realm. This puts it all together in a nice package. It is not Christian, but can be easily applied in Christianity. So take an adventure today and find out what "The Secret" really is!

Below is listed what the video looks like and where you can purchase it if you can't find it in your area:

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