Toy Clean-up - Fast and Easy

I found that while doing a day care, the problem with the toys and pick-up really went away when the toys were limited to one thing at a time. When the child wanted to play with something else, the rule was to pick up what you are playing with and then a new toy whether it be blocks, dolls, etc. would be given.

I put all the toys in plastic stackable containers that you can see through. Thus the child can see what is in the box even if they can't read a label. I stacked these toys on the upper shelf of the closet. When the child wanted a new toy, they would put the old toy in the container and I would put it up in the closet and hand the child the new container. It made for a lot of peace and happiness in our home. I only wished I had tried this method much sooner instead of going through everyday of asking for toys to be picked up. Funny how even the smallest of humans will do something just for the reward of having something else.

P.S. If you discipline your child by sending them to their room filled with toys, isn't that like sending them to Disney World for crappy behavior? Just a thought!

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