Time To Leave Home?

I remember one evening sitting around the living room in my mid 20s. My two other sister also in their mid 20s were sitting in the living room. Daddy came in after doing his final chores for the day. He stood in the room with his arms folded across his chest with a disgusted look on his face. Dad was a great joker but also was very serious when it came to work. I was not sure whether the look on his face was in jest or serious.

We sat quietly in the room waiting for Dad to speak which was a feat in itself considering that we were all girls and were always talking. He said, "I just want to know one thing." He then asked in an urgent way, "When the **ll is one of you girls going to go out on your own. We were all working and had either finished school or were finishing up school. I could not resist replying to this question. I enthusiastically said, "Oh Daddy, don't you know that we love you so much that we are never leaving home!" Daddy had no reply.

For some reason, it was soon after that that we began to leave home. I still remember the tear in his eye the day he walked me down the aisle at our wedding.

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