God's Goodness - Made Real

This week has been a week like I have never experienced before. How great it is to read Psalm 103, Psalm 104, and Psalm 105. These Psalms talk about the goodness of God. It helps us to look at God in a different way than religion teaches us that God is. Then it has been wonderful to just go around saying: "Something good is going to happen to me today."

Even with limited funds, there has been no worry. I have been at peace. This week as I pulled into a parking lot, there was a very large crashing noise and suddenly I could not get the car to move and shifting was very very difficult. I thought we had dropped the transmission on the car. My daughter and I call that car "old faithful." It was born in 1995 and this year is 14 years old. The mileage is well over 100,000 miles.

I could not get the car to go forward or back up. I finally put the car in park, shut it off, and got out to see if I could see what the problem was. So here comes goodness #1. The ball joint had cracked and the tire was detached from the rest of the drive train. At least there was no question as to what was wrong. Goodness #2 was that instead of going straight home, we stopped at a shoe store to see if there were any slippers for my daughter for Christmas. If I had gone straight home, that tire could have cracked off on the railroad tracks that I have to cross a bit up the road. Praise God that I didn't get stuck on the tracks.

Goodness #3. The slippers that my daughter wanted were regularly $12. As we were waiting for the car to be towed, we found that the slippers were on sale for $8. Because they did not have my daughter's size in the style that she wanted, there was another $3 off the price of the slippers because they had to be ordered. The grand total for a brand new pair of pink fluffy slippers was $5. Goodness #4. Today those slippers were delivered just in time for Christmas.

Goodness #5. Every year or so, I purchase Christmas cards at a huge discount after Christmas. This year I did not have to buy one card extra. I then went into my odd stamp bag that I have had for years. It turned out that if I combined the stamps, I was able to mail out Christmas cards to everyone on our list for less than $4.

Goodness #6. Everywhere I went this week was so very very blessed. Parking places opened up nearest to the door that I needed to go into. It has been a wonderful time to work hard and still enjoy those closest to me with good conversation and time with God in prayer and praise.

Goodness #7. Peace reigns in our lives. Joy fills my heart. There is much turmoil around us and by all measurable means a person would think that this would have been a very sad Christmas for us if it were dependent on our bank account. I have learned this year to not look at the money that we have or not but to look at my very precious Savior who gave up all that He was to come to this earth just for me and all of us. This love overwhelms me. How great a God that would love us so much that he would be more interested in us than His own comforts. So I say: "God you are sooooooo good and something good is going to happen to me."

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