The Goodness of God

I just finished listening to a Sermon about the goodness of God. I have listened to this sermon over and over again. The sermon is by Keith Moore. It was preached in 2001. Someone gave it to my nephew and he shared it with me. Keith Moore offers all of his sermons for free download from his website. I do not know if his archives go back as far as 2001, but this sermon addressed exactly what I needed. It is just amazing that this came through one person obeying God and giving it to my nephew and then him sharing it with me. There are multiple scriptures (according to Keith Moore, he found over 600) on the goodness of God. I wonder why most churches do not center on this so that we can truly understand the nature of God. I have been a Christian for so many years and am just beginning to understand God's love for me as the apostle John knew without a doubt that Jesus loved him. There never is a time when God gets old and boring. There is always something more to learn. Now it's time to look up the verses with the name goodness in it that pertains to God. It is like meeting someone new and exciting.

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