Computers - How To Remember Your Passwords

Today, at the library while checking out some books, I happened on a discussion. It was more like a very frustrated patron that could not get into her library account because she forgot her password. She muttered under her breath that it would not matter if she reset it, because she always forget it anyway. The clerk remarked that that is why he only has one password. Haven't we all been there and how many of us want to have only one password considering security problems.

I could not keep my mouth shut, per usual, and had to put my two-cent's worth into the conversation. I tried to explain what I did to organize my passwords. Keep in mind that I hate having to spend hours to make it pretty and such. I want something I can find quickly and that I didn't have to spend a lot of time on. Organizing should save me both time and expense.

When I go into a new website or change a password, I write it on a 3X5 inch stock card. I like to use different colors for different things, like yellow cards for web site name, user name, and password and blue for web addresses that I would like to visit or that I find helpful with a quick note on it. I also like to put friend's names and addresses (new or changed) on a 3X5 card and put it all in one place.

This is where this becomes a fun thing to do. I put them in a small brightly-colored plastic box and keep in on my desk. The box is small enough to fit in a laptop case for travel or tuck it next to my desktop computer at home. I always have my passwords and there is no more frustration of wondering how to get into a web site.

Here is an idea of what the 3X5 card boxes look like. I have seen them in the office supply section of many stores here in the United States and they usually are around $1.00 per box or less. When the stores are running specials for back-to-school items, I have seen this product as low as ten cents per box. They come in all sorts of colors, so go nuts and use them for other things besides computer passwords! This is the website of the product that sits on my desk:

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