Photos - I love the Birds of Winter

All of these beautiful birds were flitting around in the bushes this afternoon as a snow storm arrived in our area. It was as if they were bathing in the snow falling and frolicking in their play yard. If they could smile, it would be a broad happy smile.

The male cardinal is so brilliantly red. The female is hard to see because she is mostly brown with a hint of red on her beak. She still has a crest on her head like the male but it is brown. The male cardinal is portrayed in these pictures.

The cardinals are just as plump as can be in the winter. Is that how they stay warm?

The beauty of the cardinal against the stark white of the snow is spell binding.

In the summer the leaves on the trees and bushes hide the beauty of these blue birds.

One time a year the blue birds come and land on a bush in our backyard and feed on the berries that it bears. When they have stripped the bush of it's berries, they disappear and we do not see them again for another year. They always seem to come just before a heavy snowfall. I wonder if they fill up on the berries to warm themselves in preparation of the snow.

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