Proverb for the Day - Evil People

This is the proverb for Saturday, April 24, 2010. It comes from Proverbs 24:1 (why not make it easy and start with verse one). This proverb starts out by telling us not to envy evil people. My first thought is why would we envy an evil person. I think the answer is that most of the time we see a lot of evil around us where people are cheating others and moving ahead, etc. Maybe we sometimes get weary if we are trying to do the right thing and wonder why people who do wrong things seem to get ahead. Over the years, I have found that your heart is much more at peace when you deal fairly with people and treat them kindly.

The proverb also talks about not even having a desire to be with an evil person. When we desire to be with someone, doesn't it seem to follow that that desire can lead to us following what the person does? I think this proverb is worth thinking about.

We need to love all people, but must be careful not to be jealous of an evil person's status or want to be with them to follow what they are doing. I think that is what this proverb means. Maybe you have a different idea. Please feel free to share.

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