Proverb for the Day - Poor and Rich

Today is Thursday, April 22, 2010. Today I am reading Proverbs chapter 22 in the New King James Version. Verse 2 is what caught my interest today. Did you know that the rich and the poor have something in common. This proverb tells us what it is. I would tell you, but that would spoil the fun of you looking this up and finding out for yourself.


  1. Haha, you really know how to arouse my curiosity. It's true that all are flesh and blood.
    come to think of it, not much difference than those drain rats.

  2. This has gotten even funnier because by the time I figured out how to fix the comments, I could not remember for sure what the rich and poor had in common. I thought I knew, but had to double check. So I had to re-look the whole thing back up. I am not sure what a drain rat is - can they read?