Bible - Have You Ever Read Through The Entire Bible?

I have been a Christian for most of my 50 odd years on this planet. I have read most of the Bible over that period of time but have never read it through from cover to cover. My nephew found a way to "power read" the Bible that I thought was a good idea. He uses a Bible tape or CD program where the Bible is read and he takes out that version of his Bible and reads along with the recording. He finds that this is easier to read through this way.

I have found it interesting when I talk to many people who have read through the Bible. They don't seem to remember the details of a story or part of the writings. There are so many rich things in the Bible. Many times the Old Testament makes people yawn, especially the books of the law and genealogies. I learned to approach these books from a detectives point of view and find them fun to read because I see depth in them. Of late I have been interested in the sacrifices in the Old Testament. Each one of those sacrifices tells a story of Jesus. It is a wonderful thing to understand. Many people get hung up on the epistles of Paul. I also enjoy those writings and have read them from probably at least three religious points of view over the years.

Every time I pick up the Bible, it is like a gourmet meal set before me. It's good from the appetizers (Psalms and Proverbs) to the main meal (New Testament), to the sweets and after-dinner drink (the Old Testament and how it pictures Jesus). It's a great meal and totally satisfying when taken in balance.


  1. Hi Laurie, as a non-Christian, I have read through the Bible twice, in both English and Chinese language.
    I followed a very simple system to read through. I bought the children's bible story book. Read through to get the idea and the history right first, before reading the Bible.
    Certain parts of the Bible must come before the rest. Eg, read Job before Exodus. The event in Job happened before Exodus from Egypt.

  2. Hi Scheng, I compliment you on your suggestion. First of all, being a non-Christian, you have done much more than most Christians. This is a wonderful idea of how to approach the Bible. Thank you for your suggestion.

    How wonderful it is to always hear from you. I am trying to post something everyday and sometimes more than one thing this year. I tend to fall off the schedule on the weekends, so I will have to start doing my weekend work ahead of time so that it will already be written and all I will have to do is post it.

    Being consistent has brought up my rating and it gives me encouragement to work harder on the blog. I still am working on SEOs.

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