Household and Family Help Line

Sometimes one forgets about really helpful places for information. One of the best is the MSU Cooperative Extension Service. It used to be only available to people within the state of Michigan but now has gone national for the whole United States. The national toll free line is 1-888-MSUE-4MI
(1-888-678-3464) or the web... page is

I used to keep this phone number by my phone when the kids were small. There is information about anything you can think of concerning everyday living. They really helped me one time when my daughter got into the permanent magic markers and drew all over the walls, carpet, and furniture. I was panic-stricken but they gave me a way to easily get all the marks off everything.

I prefer to use the toll-free line, wait for the menu to be spoken, and then press zero on the phone pad to get an operator. The operator can quickly direct you to whatever person you need to get a quick answer.

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