Proverb of the Day - leadership

Today is Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Today I am going over Proverbs chapter 24 and today's proverb is from verse 1 of the New King James Version.

This talks about a king's heart (I look at it as anyone who is in a position of authority) and how the king's heart is in God's hand. Hmmmm does that mean if we pray for leadership for God's will to be done that God hears and answers our prayers. Could that be why the apostle Paul instructs us to pray for those leadership that we may live in peace? The rest of the proverb talks about how God turns the leaders head wherever He wishes like water follows the path of a river. If we don't pray for our leadership, could it be we don't involve God and we get whatever is out there that is not of God. Just something to think about.

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