Strange Week

This has been an interesting week to say the least. Friday evening Aimee's kitty passed away quietly in her sleep. Aimee went out and saw some old friends. We discovered the kitty when she got back home. Saturday was a day of saying goodbye and a lot of tears.

Sunday was a day that we just all tried to rest. Monday evening was The Lord's Supper.

It has been a very stressful year with the kitty being ill and many other hard things to deal with on our plate. What really makes the difference is working together as a family. People can always make things work in good times. It is the hard times that show us what we are made of. It is knowing that no matter what, God loves us and no matter what He is always there. May God bless all of us during the celebration of our Savior's sacrifice for us and His resurrection power. Thank you God for doing more for us than we could ever comprehend and never giving up on us.

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