Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

After watching Anderson Cooper on CNN this evening on the oil spill, my heart just breaks for the people, animals, environment, etc. that are affected by this. I have worked among engineers in various fields for many years as a secretary and office manager. It reminded me that when there just did not seem to be an answer to such a large problem, there was something that did work. I believe that we should be praying for all the people involved that are trying to come up with solutions that God would give them divine understanding of what should be done. Also, I pray that all those (animals, people, environment, etc.) who have been harmed by this spill and will be harmed will be recompensed and restored in the mighty name of  Jesus.  I have seen projects suddenly work after such prayers. When the solution comes forth, then we need to hold various people (whether in government or companies) responsible. We must remember that government and companies are just words for groups of people. It all comes down to all of us being honest, doing the best we can at whatever we do, and dealing with integrity in our lives. We cannot do this on our own. We need the love and wisdom of God to accomplish this. God help us all in the screw-ups in each of our lives. 

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