The Order of Things

Sometimes I am amazed at the order of how things happen. I have been asking God for help in certain areas. One area has been things that I believe about myself that are untrue. Another area that I have been asking God about is health. It has amazed me the answers that have been falling in my lap.

About a year ago, I watched a DVD by Ben Stein called "Expelled." I was amazed at the way this piece was put together. I recently read a book from the Library by Bruce Lipton entitled, "The Biology of Belief." This book talks about how our cells respond and change according to our thoughts and what we think. It is a massively interesting book, especially in light of Ben Stein's "Expelled" series because Bruce Lipton expounds how science comes to different conclusions because of the basic belief that science bases their theories on.

Now I am reading a book entitled The Gift in You: Discovering New Life Through Gifts Hidden in Your Mind by Caroline Leaf. I still want to read her book entitled "Who Switched Off My Brain," that was published before the one I am currently reading. I am reading the Gift book because one of the ministries that I support sent it to me as a gift. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a medical researcher who has studied how thoughts affect our health and brain physically. Absolutely interesting stuff. For more information on Dr. Leaf, go to .  All of this ties into Bruce Lipton's book on the cell and what changes it's structure. In fact, Dr. Leaf refers to Bruce Lipton's works in her book among a large amount of other data. This stuff is amazing. 

 Now for the final wrap up on this subject. Over ten years ago, I began to read books on claiming Bible scripture over one's self to change wrong thoughts. It is the Christian way to meditate. It is amazing at how Bible scripture can change the mind in a positive way. Who would have thought that the Bible could be true in this area. That one could see amazing results from it. That it can change a negative person like me into someone who is just dancing with joy inside. Thank you God for wonderful guidance and miracles in my life.

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