Bible - Story of Isaac and Rebekah

I have been thinking about some things all morning. It involves the story of Isaac and Rebekah and sons. For years I have wondered why Rebekah knew by God's direction when she was pregnant with Jacob and Esau what there destinies would be and why Isaac was not agreed with her. Is it possible that she either did not share this information for one reason or another or that she did share the information and Isaac chose to ignore it.

I find it interesting that you see no account of Isaac praying for the mate that should be his. You do, however, see the servant who was to come home with Isaac's mate praying for God's direction in the matter. There are accounts of Isaac praying to God but it seems that there is nothing recorded about questions about his wife and his children. Could this have been the disconnect that caused all the problems both for Rebekah and for the children.

Just wondering????

Is this an example of what happens to a marriage where both man and woman are not praying about the marriage or praying together concerning the marriage?

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