Where Do I Find God?

This morning a question was posed on MyLot.com, a blog site that I like to participate in. It was "Where Do You Find God or Do You?" The following was my reply:

  • I find God in the quiet times as I have time to reflect and think.
  • I find God when I read the Bible for myself and ask Him what it means.
  • I find God when I speak the Words of the Bible over myself, especially the things that I know I cannot do of my own accord like control my mouth.
  • I find God when I see nature and all that has been created.
  • I find God when I ask for help even in the simplest of things like what color to paint a wall in my house. As I praise Him for being the Architect of the Universe and the Artist of nature, He comes up along side of me and points me to even a simple paint color.
  • I find God when I struggle at my job and cannot find an answer. If I get quiet and ask Him for help, the help comes but many times I do not recognize it then. Sometimes it takes me years to recognize that the answer came and was a perfect answer.
  • I find God in my weaknesses, like when I struggled with dyslexia for 50 years. It turned out that as I prayed for help, God gave me the help I needed even though I did not know I was dyslexic. I found later that what God had taught me day by day was actually written in a book of how to teach dyslexic students many many years later. His answers did not stop there as He led me to a doctor who worked with my eye muscles (vision therapy) and I no longer suffer from dyslexia.
  • I find God when my heart sings for joy or cries in pain. His joy and His comfort have encompassed me many times. At one point in my life when filled with grief, His love so overpowered me that I cannot explain the beauty of it in human words.
  • I find God when I take my eyes off the turmoil around me and fix my heart on Him and His goodness.
  • I find God as I reflect on all that Jesus did for me on the cross and the sacrifice He and God the Father made just for me.
  • I find God as he provides for me everyday (many times I have to ask Him to point that out to me because I am too blind to see that on my own).
  • I find God as he directs me to those who should be in my life. I do not have to "save" them, I only have to love them and that is work enough in itself.
  • I find God when I ask Him to help me to see someone through His eyes and not through my own. Over a period of time I find that my heart is much more tolerant of even the most unlovely person, a person that would usually drive me right up the wall.
  • I find God when I ask Him to guide me to the Church I should be in. He did that on two separate occasions and now He has guided me to be at home for this season.
  • I find God when I pray for someone who has hurt me for God to bless them and He does.
No matter where I am, if I am willing, God is there with me but I usually have to ask Him to make that clear to me because I have a hard time knowing that without His help.

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  1. Yes, God is near to everyone who wants to find him.