AAAHHHHHH The Holidays...

Every year I tell myself I will be prepared for the Holidays. The Christmas tree will be beautiful and memorable, the presents will be just what the recipient wanted. Thanksgiving dinner will go on the table on time and everyone will just love each bite of the food. Each year I get a little closer to my goals. Keep in mind that I just turned 54 this year. Is it all about perfection?

As I'm thinking about the perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year I ask myself what defines perfect.

This year I misplaced my address book (I know it will turn up right after the Christmas Cards are sent out)! Instead of writing out the cards, I have spent considerable time just trying to replace addresses. Then we received the news no one wants to hear, my sister-in-law passed away in early December. I think, though, that God will forgive me if the tree didn't go up this year, the Christmas cards are late, and maybe I don't want to have the usual New Year's party.

This year I have found that just spending time with family is important. Making memories with old and new friends, smiling at someone who looks lonely, taking a walk with my husband in the morning at the mall. Those are all the things that count.

Do we get so caught up in the season that we don't even take the time to read about the Savior's birth in His Word. How often do we bring up Jesus as opposed to Santa Clause. Has there been quiet time with God, family and friends. Are we so caught up in the decorations, gifts, and food that we forget to decorate our temple with praises to God, give to others the hug or time that makes them feel individually loved, and feed on the Words from God's Word that we have such free access to in the United States.

I think next year I will change some of my goals and see what happens. There was no time to prepare for a funeral, relatives coming into town, etc. Somehow we made it through the sadness and preparations. I came away with a closer sense of family. My husband and I saw or talked to relatives we haven't been in touch with for years. How does life make us so busy that we lose time with those we love and time with God.......

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