Farm Life: Ode to Donald the Duck

I have written some things about growing up on the farm. Most of it has held very lovely memories. Even the long days and working hard are pleasant memories. Today I learned about the dark side.

I am 54 years old and new truth was revealed today. Every year our neighbors had a cow and in the summer the cow was put out in our apple orchard to graze. The cow loved to eat the tall grass and snitch red and yellow delicious apples from the trees. The cow was a very healthy cow. I can't refer to the cow as he or she because I never paid attention to it's sex. I think it might have been a "she" because it didn't have horns and didn't try to stampede at us when we walked out into the orchard.

My sister, Carrie, informed me today that that was the cow that ended up in our freezer every year. Dad always said it was the neighbors cow. I believed him. My sister told me that dad had all kinds of stories about the animals because my other sister, Sherry, would refuse to eat anything that came from the farm. Sherry liked to name all of the animals and could not eat her pets.

For years I believed that "Donald" the duck ran away. Today I found out that he was Thanksgiving Dinner one year. It turns out that Carrie saw dad chop Donald's head off. I'm speechless.......... :(

I can't write anymore. I just want to sit and remember Donald. I don't remember that Thanksgiving other than I could not figure out why we did not have the traditional Turkey and we were having a greasy duck dinner instead. Yuuuuuuk!

All that protecting of Donald throughout the spring and summer that I did apparently saved him for things I couldn't imagine. God Bless You Donald. Remember when I would hold you so that you would not poop on me but on the ground. Remember when the neighbors would catch crickets in the grass and feed them to you. Remember how much that stunk. You were the cutest white duck I've ever known not to mention the only one.

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