Everyday is new..

Everyday is a new day with God. Each day brings new blessings in understanding, love, comfort, peace, joy, etc. I love to rise up early in the morning and have time with God. That may mean reading His Word, reading my personal journal of prayers and devotions that I've collected over the years, prayer, singing praises, or listening to God's Word being preached each day.

We live at a time in our lives like no other in the history of mankind. There are so many ways to learn about God and His ways and goodness. There is the internet, books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, TV, radio, etc. You can even find many books written by good authors in the local library. My daughter passed on a really good idea to me. She was coming home with some really interesting books about God from the local Christian bookstore. I went to the same bookstore but did not have the same success. Then she told me that asks God to guide her to what he would want her to read. I also love to pray and ask God to help me follow anything that I take into my spirit as it follows Christ. God has never let me down on that prayer either. At first I could not understand the bad feeling I would get on listening to certain things preached. Later I would find out that it did not line up with the Word of God. In the same respect things that did follow Christ, gave me great peace and joy.

There is so much to pick from and so much to learn, I could not be alive at a better time in history than now!

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